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Pinball HQ Tournaments Results 2017

Pinball HQ Grand Final

Winner: Reon Seeney - winner of the Beat The Clock pinball machine.

The Pinball HQ Grand Final - the final four (left to right)!
1st Reon Seeney, 3rd Aaron Crichton, 4th Greg McMahon, 2nd Martin Snicer

Pinball HQ Player of the year 2017

Winner: Reon Seeney

2nd place: Martin Snicer

3rd place: Simon Hui

The best female player: Michelle Clark

Left to right: Simon Hui, Michelle Clark, Martin Snicer

Competitions Every Wednesday

Unlimited Qualifying 

The Pinball HQ Tournament is a friendly competition at which you can participate every Wednesday after 5 p.m. There is no starting time, you can start playing at any time and at your own pace. Some people start early, some start after 9 p.m., this is your choice. The 7 competition machines are selected by the players each week. You can have as many goes as you like but only one at the time if there is a queue behind you. After your game, if your score is higher than your previous one, record it on your score sheet. Your score needs to be verified after each game by the tournament official. The scores will be progressively entered to the computer and you’ll be able to see your progress on a big screen. If you get higher score later we’ll amend the computer record.

Each player is ranked as per the score on each machine, e.g. if 20 players participate, the highest scoring player gets 20 points, second highest 19 etc. After the players finish playing all 7 games, the points are totalled. If 16 or more players participated in the tournament, top 8 qualify for the final, which is played the following Wednesday starting at 6:30 p.m. sharp. If less than 16 players play in the tournament, only top 4 will qualify for the final. The final will take about an hour and half. 


4-player final consists of three 4 player games on the same machine. 8-player final has two rounds. The 8 players are split into two groups as per their qualifying ranking (1,3,6,8) and (2,4,5,7). Each group plays two games, both on the same machine. Top two from each group advance to the final round, which consists of two 4-player games. Another machine is picked for the final round and stays the same for both games.

4,2,1,0 point system is used for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th respectively for all games played in the final. The highest ranked player chooses the machine, which stays the same for all three games, the lowest ranked player has the first choice in which order he/she wants to play and so on.

Pinball HQ - Female Division

All players participate in same tournaments however, we keep a separate ranking for female competitors. A trophy for The Best Female Player is awarded at the end of the year.


Pinball HQ - Juniors (Under  10 and under 15 year old)

Juniors have an opportunity to participate in the same tournaments and we'll keep a separate tally and have special rewards for them. Minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times and can stay at the venue till 7 p.m. At our special events e.g. The Coogee Flip Frenzy or the Pinball HQ Marathon juniors are allowed to stay till the end of the event.

WIN PINBALL AT THE Pinball HQ Grand Final

Starting  in January this year, we'll keep the tally of the points accumulated by each player throughout the year at the regular Wednesday tournaments. The top 16 players at the end of the year will qualify to compete in the Pinball HQ Grand Final for their chance to win a pinball machine. Anyone who participates regularly in our our Wednesday tournament has chance to get into the final. The point system will reward you for your skill as well as for your attendance.

Grand Final Prize of 2015 - The Walking Dead pinball

Grand Final Prize of 2016 - Galaxy pinball

Grand Final Prize of 2017 -  Beat The Clock


IFPA - World Pinball Player Ranking

The Pinball HQ Tournaments are endorsed by the International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA). All players participating in the regular Wednesday tournaments will receive their Australian and the World Pinball Player Ranking.


Check regularly the IFPA Tournament Calendar for IFPA endorsed events, CLICK HERE!


Check the Australian and World Pinball Player Ranking, CLICK HERE!


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