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To play pinball is so exciting but for many of us what is making the pinball tick is even more exciting! Every time I lift the playfield up, there is some onlooker keen to have a peep. Especially kids, they are the most curious!

I've been thinking for some time to have a session once month to combine both. We could share our passion to satisfy our inner geek and than play as well. It sounds like a good marriage.

It could work like this, an hour of the geeke stuff and an hour of play. We can have topics on how things work, Q & A, showcasing your own restoration work (we can use the projector screen), technical issue you may have with your pins etc. After it the machines would be set on FREE play, admission fee $10.

Would you be interested??

Let's start new Instagram hashtag #pinballhqgeeks to showcase your great restoration work, how your machine looked before and after, the mods you installed, the tools you recommend, there is so much to share.


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